Sonic Prime Gets First Teaser Trailer Showing Off Eggman, Shadow, And More


The expansion of the Sonic the Hedgehog brand into multimedia has had plenty to offer fans in recent years. Whether you’re talking about the two well-received films, the fun Sonic Boom animated series or the long-running and beloved comic book series, people who love the Sonic the Hedgehog video games have had plenty of other opportunities to expand their fandom. The next project to come on that list is Sonic Primethe upcoming Netflix series that gives us all-new adventures with Sonic and his friends/enemies.

Today, Netflix and Sega released a teaser trailer that gives us a taste of the action. It doesn’t show much, but if the 40-second action is any indication, it brings a lot of style and fun (as well as several classic characters). You can watch the trailer in the header above.

Sonic Prime will be released exclusively on Netflix this winter. To learn more about what else Sonic is doing this winter, check out our exclusive Sonic Frontiers coverage hub here. For our take on the latest Sonic video game release, Sonic Origins, head here.